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Friday, December 19, 2008

The $100 Dollar Ride

My Dad found one of these, a 76 Ford Courier, in
ratty but driveable condition that we got for $100
and towed home with a rope, which is always a bit of
an adventure.  I probably drove it for three years or
so (Literally till the doors fell off from rust).  
Although the body was crap. these little trucks, made
by Mazda had a pretty heavy duty drivetrain.  I don't think
it ever let me down.

Charlie Browns Christmas Tree

Also from  This Next

Now Why Didn't I Think of This

Heat Proof Finger Tongs 

Alternate Obama Logo's

Here are a couple of Obama campaign logo finalists that were 
not chosen in the creative process.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hippo Fronts

Hippo Bottoms

Stupid Inconveniences

Two of my Pet Peeves from recent years.

Having to show a license and have your NPI copied to get a package of Sudaafed. 
No I am not talking about the weak ass Sudafed PE, I am talking the real old school
Psuedophedrine-the truck driver jacking, sinus clearing stuff.  I don't know who's
brainstorm this was, but it's re-god-damn-diculous.  I seriously doubt the meth lab
folks spend their days pushing little red pills out of blister packs. I mean for fucks sake,
I can pick up a codiene prescription without showing a license AND without my name even
being 0n the script.

Taking your shoes off at the airport security line and then not having a place to sit down
to put them back on.  How long do those TSA geniuses have to watch octegenarians hopping around on one leg frantically trying to shoe the other foot before they realize a bench or two might be a good idea.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Really Cool Photography

This Guy Nick Veasey does really cool X-Ray photography
I tried to get a higher def image but haven't found one yet

Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Me

So while trolling through my Mom's old pix on Flikr looking for a picture of the Ford
Below, I found this photo you might get a kick out of.  Me circa middle school on a winter
day preparing to mount the first outboard motor we bought on an old whitehall riveted skiff/wherry.  
In all not the most successfull day, while attempting to dismount the motor
by myself I dropped it in the water and ruined it.  The motor (an Air Cooled Eska) also
virated so much that it loosened all the copper rivets on the hull and made it leak thereafter.
To make things more odd, we sold it to an elderly Swedish mathmetician next door who 
re-built it and added a small cuddy cabin and a staysail who would take it out for days on end. 

His nickname was Sea-Weed because he seemingly drifted about on the water and washed up randomly like Seaweed.

PS: Note the Toughskins and the Snorkel Jacket (see previous post)

Ford F100

I believe this is the same year as the one my Dad had,
But ours was a darker metal flake blue and a plain old
"Custom" 4x4/

Theme of the Week - Cars from my Past

I am pretty sure this is the exact color amd model of
72 Gran Torino my parents used to call the "Bannana Boat"
it was a truly odd yellow-orange color.  I don't think I have ever
seen another car that particular color. As below it was topped
by a brown vinyl roof.