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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Cat Named Ugly Bat Boy

This Kitties name is "Ugly Bat Boy" and he lives at a N.H.
Vets.  Apparently the local T.V. station did a human 
interest story on him which has been picked up on the
wire and his story has been broadcast accross the U.S.
Poor Ugly, I think he is kindof cute

Here is a link to the Story: Click ME

Update:  When I tried to post this the PC BSOD'd thats the 
power of Ugly.

I had no idea this ever existed

The Kowloon Walled City
35K people of 6.5 acres
Torn Down 1993

Graffiti Coloring Book

For all you city kids out there, the Fake Project group has made a coloring book for budding
taggers to practice their craft prior to application to private property. Personally I just like the images. Best of all it's available as a free download

Friday, February 27, 2009

This is what I love about the internet - talk about the long tail

A Flickr group dedicated to illustrations drawn in Moleskine notebooks.  A Moleskine notebook in and of itself is at least mildly esoteric, and yet here is a Flickr group with 2,700 members and 18,000 individual art works. 

Change We can Believe in


This odd little car is the KTM X Bow,  made by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM.
It has a 240 HP VW turbo, weighs 700 lbs and has ground effects

Too Funny

This one's for Kyle

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CFMP (Cats From My Past)

Wherein I Recount Tales (sic) of Cats from My Past.
In Chronological Order.

1. Toodles (sp)  Not sure about the name, but remember the cat.  Tortoiseshell who travelled
with us from CT. to Cape Cod.  What I remember most is that our Beagle (TinkerBelle) would
chase rabbits all day long in the big hay field out in back of the old house.  All you would hear is
"yelp-yelp" for hours on end.  Above the tall grass you would see the distinctive curved tip of a
beagle tail, like a u-boat periscope, slicing through the field in a search pattern.  Toodles the cat,
of course,  was nowhere to be seen (having been let out first thing).  At the end of the day, when
the dog was, well...dog tired, empty handed, and had come back for a snout full of kibble and a nap, we would find 
various random rabbit parts, left mysteriously and without attribution, laid out with text book surgical precision on the porch, flecked
with blue bottle flies for our enjoyment.  As a tribute it was oddly touching,  the glistening viscera
arranged like a Georgia O'Keefe, displayed with a Hannibal Lechter like attention to detail-no
blood trails, foot prints or other evidence of the culprit.

Spock sings Joni Mitchell

This is Oddly Touching

Time Travel

BBN's Website from 1997 announcing GTE acquisition of BBN

Go the the Internet Wayback machine and put in a URL to
go back in Net Time

Cat's on A Treadmill

Free Boat

Always wanted a stealth ship of your own?  Here's you chance, the Navy is giving this one away
complete with it's own floating barge shed to hide it from spy sats.  Paging Dr. Evil !

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Modern Interpretation of The Golden Submarine

It's hard to overestimate the amount of Dan Webb's effort, engineering and artwork that went into this vehicle. unreal.

The Original as driven by Barney Oldfield circa 1917

Lamborghini Espada

This is one of my all time favorite cars, the styling is the epitome of 1960's and 70's cool. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Shepard Fairey show at the ICA

The Girls and I went to the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the Boston ICA and really enjoyed it.  I highly reccomend it !

Adirondack Guide Boats

Here's another relatively unknown boat type, the Adirondack Guide Boat
which as it's name suggests was used in the Adirondacks by sporting guides.
It's probably a regional adaptation of the canoe for carrying a greater load
and for use with oars for greater speed.  Either way they are beautiful little
boats and are still being made (though to the tune of $16,000 for a wooden
one)  Still if you are so inclined check it out.  Kits are available as well.


Chesapeake Light Craft Kayak Kits

Someday I will get around to building one of these Kayaks.  Basically the kits come with
everything you need except the time to put it together.  All the wood is pre-cut with a
CNC driven saw for consistently good quality, and they come with all the epoxy and 
other materials you will need.

Beetle Cats

Growing up on the Cape, these things were all over the place, as were
cat boats in general. Like "Grinders" and "Coffee Milk" they are predominently 
a South Eastern New England thing.  Twelve feet long and 6 feet wide and first
built in New Bedford by the Beetle family in the 20's, they make ideal sail
training boats.  In fact, Jacqueline Onasiss had one shipped over to Greece
in 1969 so that JFK Jr. and Caroline could learn to sail.  These boats have a cult
like following and alledgedly Stephen Spielberg owns one.  The are still built in
Wareham out of wood.