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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love these cakes

Software as a Service

About 9 months ago I purchased Google Docs/Gmail Enterprise for my domain. The Enterprise version is the same as the free, but it allows you to use custom domains for a small yearly fee. I am convinced that this SAS model will be the predominant way companies deliver basic computing services for their employees. I am NOT convinced it will be Google hegemony, but probably either them or Microsoft. In general Microsoft doesn't "get" the web, but they do understand productivity software. Google get's the web, but there are some major holes in their product line. Most of all they need Project & Portfolio Management and collaboration SW and it needs to be integrated. It probably wouldn't hurt to either buy or CLOSELY partner with SAS vendors for common back office things like timesheet and payroll.

MS One Note

I don't know anyone using this tool in the business world, but it really makes for a fantastic Project Binder for a PM. One of the challenges of managing projects is the vast amount of documents and e-mails that accumulate. I have never been one of those PM's that prints out and neatly organizes everything in a 3 ring binder. Typically I just jam stuff into a folder. This approach works fine but doesn't really fit with the way I prefer to organize information. For me, the "killer app" of modern software is fast and accurate search. Some people keep "Zero Inbox" I keep zero e-mail folders and delete nothing but spam. With search and "group by" I can find things much more quickly. If only this approach could be applied to electronic docs in a multitude of formats. One Note let you do just that. Basically anything on your screen can get sent to one note. It really is a great little tool.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Martha's First Car

Before we even bought the VW Van, while Martha was bartending @ Christophers in Cambridge IIRC, tho I am not positive about that. I do remember taking a trip with Steven and Mike to Bar Harbor in the middle of winter. 4 six footers stuffed into it.
FWIW: Martha's had Orange and White pinstripes. Behold the first generation Honda Accord. I think at the time my MG was tits-up in Pierres garage on Newbury St.

Electricty vs. Cat