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Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Equal Marriage Poster

This is by the same guy as the Barack Hope poster

In Defense of Equal Marriage

I can understand many peoples reticence to embrace the notion of gay marriage. I think most of the opposition is from primitive brain stem fear of the "other". It might be dressed up as protection of the family, sanctity of opposite sex marriage, or any number of more high minded thoughts, but I am not buying it. Why?, well it makes no rational sense for one. In what way is my marriage diminished by what anyone else does or does not do. Equality in Marriage has been the law in MA for some time now, and near as I can tell the sky has not fallen and the sun still rises. Margaret Marshall and the MA Supreme Court (And John Adam's Constitution) got it exactly right IMHO. The equal protection clause is of course applicable to gay marriage. If a religion wishes to prohibit it that's their business. But this is the state and the constitution (federal and state) are bound to apply equal protection and in most states they do not when granting the privileges and protection of marriage. Does this also apply to plural marriage? In my opinion probably, but that is not the question. States that re-write their constitutions to subvert the very meaning of the documents will regret it. When was the last time Equality was wrong?


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