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Friday, January 16, 2009

Atomic Soviet Lighthouses via Gizmodo (via English Russia)

Soviet Atomic Lighthouses Are Both Spooky and Deadly

Once upon a time, back when people in Russia used big moustaches and sent other people to Siberia, there were no GPS or tacky cellphones. But they had atomic lighthouses to light the Artic shores.

Since there was no easy way to travel by ship across the Northern coast of the Soviet Union, the smartypants of the Communist regime decided that they needed a chain of autonomous lighthouses that could run 24/7/365. The answer: light-weight nuclear reactors and a generation of lighthouse guards with four hands and six eyes.

Right now, these structures can be visited, if you don't care about you or your future kids growing up extra members—the lighthouses are, obviously, contaminated with radiation. [English Russia]


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