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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MS One Note

I don't know anyone using this tool in the business world, but it really makes for a fantastic Project Binder for a PM. One of the challenges of managing projects is the vast amount of documents and e-mails that accumulate. I have never been one of those PM's that prints out and neatly organizes everything in a 3 ring binder. Typically I just jam stuff into a folder. This approach works fine but doesn't really fit with the way I prefer to organize information. For me, the "killer app" of modern software is fast and accurate search. Some people keep "Zero Inbox" I keep zero e-mail folders and delete nothing but spam. With search and "group by" I can find things much more quickly. If only this approach could be applied to electronic docs in a multitude of formats. One Note let you do just that. Basically anything on your screen can get sent to one note. It really is a great little tool.


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