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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CFMP (Cats From My Past)

Wherein I Recount Tales (sic) of Cats from My Past.
In Chronological Order.

1. Toodles (sp)  Not sure about the name, but remember the cat.  Tortoiseshell who travelled
with us from CT. to Cape Cod.  What I remember most is that our Beagle (TinkerBelle) would
chase rabbits all day long in the big hay field out in back of the old house.  All you would hear is
"yelp-yelp" for hours on end.  Above the tall grass you would see the distinctive curved tip of a
beagle tail, like a u-boat periscope, slicing through the field in a search pattern.  Toodles the cat,
of course,  was nowhere to be seen (having been let out first thing).  At the end of the day, when
the dog was, well...dog tired, empty handed, and had come back for a snout full of kibble and a nap, we would find 
various random rabbit parts, left mysteriously and without attribution, laid out with text book surgical precision on the porch, flecked
with blue bottle flies for our enjoyment.  As a tribute it was oddly touching,  the glistening viscera
arranged like a Georgia O'Keefe, displayed with a Hannibal Lechter like attention to detail-no
blood trails, foot prints or other evidence of the culprit.


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