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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1963 Lincoln Continental

To me the early 60's (61-65) Lincoln Continentals are the absolute epitome of cool.  Though the convertible is the most sought after incarnation of the Continental, I actually prefer the hard top.  The aspect of this design that seperates this car from it's contemporaries is something that is surprisingly rare in automative design, and that is restraint. The Continentals that followed this generation were larded with ever increasing styling "improvements" (read: Gewgaws), like vynal roofs, opera windows, fake spare tire trunk bumps and hidden headlights.  By 1970, the magic was long gone.  I don't know why most manufacturers can never understand when they have captured lightning in a bottle with a car design  It took BMW 40 years to piss away their design legacy, Ford did it in 8 or 9.  The only American car that I can think of that has remained relatively consistent to it's design heritage is the Jeep (and even that had an awkward affair with square headlights.


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