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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1971-73 Mustang

For the same reason I love the Lamborghini Espada , I love this generation of Mustang.  
While logically I feel some of the earlier models are better designs,  there is just something about this
model series in fastback, especially in "Grabber Lime".  This was the perfect car to usher in the
70's and the logical conclusion (albeit taken to extremes) of the Mustang Aesthetic - Longer,
Lower and Swoopier than any before it or since. When you considering it's ghastly successor, it
also marked the end of an era. No further evidence illustrates this better than the fact that there
are NO/NADA/NONE/ZIP of the 1974-78 models for sale on hemmings motor news vs. 23 1973's 


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