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Monday, March 9, 2009

CH Marine Shelter Harbor 38' Motor Yacht

These boats really are truly gorgeous, the prototype was designed with and for
Billy Joel, who took an active part in the design process. The goal was to create a boat with traditional style & craftsmanship, a fast (40 knots 46 mph)cruising speed and thoroughly modern accommodations. As anyone what has spent any time around powerboats can attest, a 40 knot cruising speed is extremely fast. Cruising speed (not to be confused with top speed) is typically a pace the boat can maintain comfortably for long periods of time without undo stress on the powerplant, hull or passengers. I have seen at least one of these on tooling along Martha's Vinyard and they are extremely fast and quiet, with none of the roaring and pounding typically
associated with go fast boats. Anyway, it's a beautiful boat, follow the link to the MFGs site for more info.

CH Marine


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