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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Citroen DS Decapotable

With it's advanced technology and futuristic styling, the Citroen DS took the world by storm in 1955 when it was revealed to the public at the Paris Motor Show. At a time when most cars were still trundling around on solid axles and leaf springs, the DS featured fully independent hydro-pneumatic, self leveling suspension; and other niceties like hydraulic power steering, power disk brakes, front wheel drive and a semi-automatic manual transmission. To shift the DS you simply let off on the gas pedal and flick a lever to engage the next gear. Even it's name is inventive, while appearing to be a typical acronym, it is a pun on the French word for Goddess (Pronounced Day-Ess). Over 1.5 million of these cars were made before they were discontinued in 1976 (only 33,000 made it to the States). The Cabrio is my favorite version and I will take mine in black, please.


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