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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dead Brand of the Day - Studebaker Avanti Bonus TRIVIA Edition:

The Studebaker Avanti debut to great enthusiasm in 1962 during the last throes of Studebaker as a kind of hail mary pass.  Lengthy production delays resulted in the evaporation of much of the initial enthusiasm and in any case the writing was on the wall for Studebaker.  In the end, only a bit more than 4,000 of the futuristically styled Avantis were sold when the company ceased production of the model in 1964, two years before Studebaker closed for good.  One would think that would be the end for the Avanti, however the tooling, molds and part of the factory was bought by two South Bend car Dealers and subsequently many other entreprenuers who tried to make a go of the Avanti.  Possibly the last chapter in the star crossed Avanti occurred in 2006 when the most recent owner was arrested by the FBI, but I wouldn't count on it.  So, why the Coast Guard logo? Well, the Avanti got it's futuristic design through the work of designer Raymond Loewy, a legendary designer who's work includes; The Coast Guard logo, Hoover Logo, Air Force One's livery, the Exxon logo, the Shell logo, and the interiors of the Air France Concords.


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