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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dead (But Not Forgotten) Brand of The Day - BULTACO

Bultaco was a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer best known here in the US for it's excellent dirtbikes. My Uncle had a couple of these in the 70's and even though they effectively ceased production in 1979, they continued to enjoy an excellent reputation into the 80's. Even today there is a cultlike following that transcends their modest production volume. Having what I consider one of the best ever logo's certainly doesn't hurt either, demonstrated by the fact that you can still readily purchase Bultaco tee-shirts and stickers.

Trivia: Bultaco was formed by Francisco "Paco" Bulto and the company name is a a combination of the first four letters of his last name and last three of his nickname. And CEMOTO is an acronym for "Compañía Española de Motores"


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