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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Edward Steichen

Justifiably famous for his iconic work like "The Flatiron", Steichen 1879 - 1973 was incredibly prolific.  I suppose because photographic technology was rapidly evolving early in his career, there is alot of variability in his early pictures.  It's rare in my opinion to find a modern day artist who's work is so consistently excellent in so many styles.  I was going to pick one of his more famous photo's like "Pond- Moonlight" which sold recently for 2.9 Million.  But then I saw the photo below called "The Blue Sky".  The photo is of Dana Desboro Glover a young actress, in 1923, the year she and Steichen were married.  There is so much raw affection in the way it's composed.  I guess today it would be considered trite or cliche, but I find it touching.  Here are a few links if you want to see & learn more.

Larger Flatiron
A nice assortment
Some of the earliest color photos


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