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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emeco Navy Chair

This Chair is one of those timeless designs that are so omnipresent that they just more or less
fades into the background.  Probably all of us have sat in this type of chair at one time or
another.  The odd thing about this design is that it was originally designed for the US Navy
pre-WWII to meet the goals of durability, fire resistance and light weight.  You've probably seen
them in movies like Midway and other period films.  Completely seemless and hand made, 
they are still made today by Emeco.  Fittingly they retail for the D.O.D level price of $451-$1000

Personally I think these are totally cool.


  1. Thanks for the notice Dave.
    Dan Fogelson
    VP Sales and Marketing, Emeco
    401 935 7088

  2. Um... Looks pretty cool, but can I get one that was NOT used as a floor model? :x