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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New England Style Hot Dogs

The Crown Jewel of the New England culinary compendium is without question the New England Style Hot Dog (caps warranted).  For those of you unfortunate enough to be born and reside outside of New England, you simply have not lived a full life until you have had a properly prepared NE Hot Dog (often referred to as a "Frank").  A properly prepared NE frank begins with a proper foundation, in this case the NE Hot Dog Roll (pictured below) and available in fine stores everywhere.  Acceptable results cannot be achieved with the gastronomical apostasy that is the rounded "bun".  Said roll should then be buttered on the outside and then cooked on a griddle in the manner of a grilled cheese, until crispy as pictured (right).  The second crucial ingredient is a "Natural Casing" (don't ask) hot dog, easily identified by it's characteristic "snap" when biting into the cooked hot dog.  For god's sake cook the dog in the butter left over from the roll, this is a crucial step and is required to achieve the all important "fond" prized by epicures the world around.  The cooked dog, should then be placed in the bun, gently so as to avoid bruising.  Properly prepared it should be topped with diced onion and mustard (relish optional).  For bonus points it is ideally served in an open ended paper hot dog cozy to preserve it's delicate texture.


  1. The Market Grill
    524 S. Shamrock Ave
    Monrovia, Ca
    They have the most amazing New England Style hot dogs I have ever had. They bake the New England Style Buns fresh daily.

  2. you forgot to hit that bad boy with some celery salt.

  3. send some to Chicago, pleeeasee...