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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ford Mustang SVO & Merkur Xr4ti

In the late 80's, all the cool cars had two spoilers and Ford (I believe under the direction of Bob Lutz) was beginning to move it's American product line more in line with it's European division. The Mustang SVO and the Merkur XR4ti were strong steps in that direction. For a few years, Ford's leading performance cars were powered by their excellent turbo 4 cyl engine. Unfortunately for Ford, gas remained relatively cheap and the temptation to push the 302 v8 Mustang GT and the ultra profitable Explorer SUV for the quick buck proved too great. If Ford had also kept developing their turbo 4 performance efforts, they might have been better prepared to weather the current economic situation and also could have competed more effectively with the EVO/WRXsti demographic. Either way, these are two of my favorite cars of the period, and they are both eminently collectible.


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