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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Nordhavn 62' Trawler Yacht

One of my dreams is to cross the Atlantic in a powerboat, I am not however suicidal and have appropriate respect for the power of the open ocean.  A healthy fear of drowning  limits the number of boats I would be willing to risk a crossing in and the Nordhavn 62 (along with the new Queen Mary) is on my short list.  Heavily built, the 62 is built to cruise at 9 knots non stop for over 2 weeks and has an effective range greater that 3,000 miles.  The Nordhavn is full of clever features such as it's redundant "get home" motor that under ordinary circumstances provides hydraulic power to the bow thrusters.  Should the main engine fail, the auxiliary engine engages a feathering prop to motor to the nearest port.  The comfort of the passengers is also well thought out and the boat is equipped with two sub zero fridges & freezers, washer-dryer, trash compactor and the usual bevy of creature comforts associated with an upscale home.  Hell, the Pilothouse Glass is 1/2 inch thick and the hull is one and a half inches of solid fiberglass drawing 6 feet of water with 3 1/2 tons of ballast, this ain't no Bayliner.  If 62' is too small for you, Nordhaven makes trawlers up to 120'.  You can get the full scoop on these very cool boats here


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