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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Shack at Hinckle Farm - Jeffrey Broadhurst

Built on a 27 acre mountaintop location only accessible by off-road vehicles, I really like the design of this little off the grid retreat shack Broadhurst and friends built.  Clearly I am not alone as it has been featured in Architectural Record magazine, but it is a compelling example of what can be done with minimal materials and a little creativity.  Necessitated by the location, it is built for off grid living, with oil lamps for light and a woodstove for heat and hot water.  One especially nice feature is the windowed garage door ad a front wall.  Although I admire the purity  of the design, the practical side of me would likely do things somewhat differently.  First off, I would undoubtedly make it somewhat larger, with more space for food storage and a composting toilette.  Also have been stuck in the rain while camping, the interior needs to be large enough to accommodate chairs and a table inside.  Personally I would add some larger windows side and back, and somewhat more importantly, build a screen wall behind the garage door wall to keep the bugs out.  The above is not meant as criticism,  merely how I would modify an already good design to suit my needs temperament and climate.

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