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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thompson's Clam Bar - Wychmere Harbor Harwichport, MA

This place was a real Cape institution, a real shame when it closed in 1990 to make way for
a private club.  The location on the water was unbelievable.  The the Clam Bar theme that
played ad nauseum for years on the Cape radio stations would make you crazy stuck in 
summer tourist traffic snarls.  To be transported back to 1970's Cape Cod, click the
postcard to hear the song


  1. I worked there in the summer of 1970. There were at least 100 college students cooking, waiting and bussing tables that summer, half of them from Ireland.
    We had a ball!

  2. I worked there in the summer of 1988. It was the same then as the person above commented about his experience in the summer 1970. I wanted to work there in the summer of 1989 after I graduated college but I needed a more permanent job. I also had no car in 1988 and I did not want to be without one again in 1989. Still, we had a ball!

  3. This place was terrific! Such a loss. The replacement Wychmere Harbor and Tennis Club is dull, dull, dull.

  4. Whychmere is a very fun yacht club but very strict and bad. Stone horse is a lot better. And whycmere tennis club has very good courts but hpta can beat them. nice

  5. I worked as a bus boy at the Snow Inn opposite the Clam Bar in the summers of 1960 and 1961 and roomed

    above the Clam Bar in the boys dorm. Two great summers working with students from around the country.

    Years later took my wife and kids to the Clam Bar on Cape vacations.Disappointed it closed.

  6. Worked there the summer of 1973--was a grad student and married that summer. There was a supervisor of the Wait staff who was a teacher (Bob) and also many great young people working there.
    Wish I had kept in touch.

    Judy Pressler

  7. I looked forward to going to the cape every summer and going to Thompson's many times throughout our vacation. So sad when it closed . Lots of great memories....Vacations were never the same after Thompson's closed.