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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

House Keeping Camp Yosemite National Park

I have to say, I have camped in a lot of places, but House Keeping camp is my favorite of all.
It's not really camping, per-se, but if you are lucky enough, as we were, to get one of the sites
near the river, it is one of the most magical places imaginable. It is true enough that you are
close to your neighbors, but that drives a camaraderie that I have not experienced elsewhere.
And even though you are in close proximity, it feels private because of the way the sites are
situated. This beautiful shot is by a guy named Pete Burrow and it really captures the
essence of the place. The best thing about it is that the park provides much of the bedding and
such and you can follow our model and fly in and spend 1/2 hour at Target and take care of the
rest of your needs. Yosemite is a great place, and House Keeping Camp is a great way to
experience it.


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