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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1978 Porsche 928

I am one of the few unabashed 928 fans out there, having spent the better part of puberty lusting after one. Sure, I would have a few crushes on the odd Italian or British cars, but the 928 was the first car I absolutely loved. Part of that is it's impeccable timing, the 928 came into being as I entered the vulnerable age of 13. What really popped my cork about the 928 however was the styling, keep in mind the 928 debuted in 1978, when brown Cordoba's (see below) roamed the earth and cars still had names including the words "Brougham" and "Squire" and Les Nesmond anchored the news at WKRP. There was NOTHING that looked like the 928, it was the future embodied, like Barbara Bain in a space 1999 jumpsuit, it somehow managed to be both plain, futuristic and sexy. It's no coincidence that the movie poster for Risky Business featured Rebecca De Mornay draped on the hood of a 928. I saw one on the street the this morning and I swear to Christ it felt like I was 13 again.

RIP Ricardo


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