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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lenovo s-10 Netbook Long Term Review

I have had my Lenovo S10 for almost a year now, so I thought it would be a good idea to update folks on how it's been going. In short, it's been great, in fact, almost unbelievable given the low price.
More...I have been using it as a backup, travel laptop and I use it pretty much every day. The light weight and compact dimensions are really the killer feature of Netbooks and in my experience it is well worth the trade off in performance and display/keyboard size. The only modification I have made to my S-10 was to max out the RAM (which was a snap to do BTW, one panel on the bottom of the computer gives you access to everything you need). Performance wise, it has performed perfectly well in run of the mill use like web surfing and apps and office productivity work. I have MS Office and Open Office draw and both suites work just fine, which I had not expected. The small size is perfect for plane use, where the small screen height is a decided advantage. Battery performance has been somewhat meh, and in actual use lasts 2-3 hours. Take this with the following caveat, I run the s-10 on the highest performance energy setting. The battery management software is o.k., but it seems to turn down the processor and display as power runs low (I am sure as designed). The trouble for me is that it keeps it there even after a recharge, it's a small PITA, and you may be able to fix it somewhere, but I can't be bothered with looking. If you are a Project Manager and have a lot of meetings, this is the gadget for you, take it to the meeting and make all the updates on the spot. By the time you are out of the meeting, the minutes are already in the team's in-boxs.


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