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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Opel GT - Classic, Affordable, Collectible

When I was a kid, someone in our neighborhood had one of these in blue and I always thought it was a really cool car. I love the styling, it's so mini Corvette-esque, though in truth the Corvette model it resembles came several years later. To me the Opel GT calls to mind the Toyota 2000GT, but whatever - it still looks great, and it's an awesome period piece. Never numerous, today these are scarcer than hen's teeth, and I haven't seen one in forever. The GT seems to be largely ignored by the collector market and it is relatively affordable for a rare old car. Bonus Trivia: The GT's retractable headlights are operated manually by a lever in the center console. The shot above is a vintage publicity shot and I have to ask, WTF is happening in this picture, why does the dude have a playboy magazine?

1 comment:

  1. Three women? Two blokes? One Playboy?
    The result?
    The reward for the strangest automotive PR shot. Ever.
    Great find.