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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Katrina Cottages

I knew about the original Katrina Cottage which was developed as a dignified, non-toxic alternative to FEMA trailers, but I had no idea that it had inspired a movement. An article in the NYT turned me on to the fact that there are no many different "Cottage" plans to choose from and that Lowes and several other Companies are selling the plans and the materials. I have always been a big fan of cottage and camp architecture and I am glad to see it coming back with a vengeance. Enough with the crappy McMansions and their tacky Palladian windows. In any case, these cottages are perfect for a summer family camp and most can be pre-fabbed and put on a trailer which makes building on a remote site a whole lot easier. I also think that these would make great housing for the elderly, as an alternative to assisted living apartments. I got the plan above from Cusato Cottages but the Katrina Cottages Organization has a list of vendors and more information on the whole deal check it out, it's quite possibly insanely great Link: www.katrinacottagehousing.org


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