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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lee Valley / Veritas Cyclone Lids

Economical Woodworking Dust Control

I cottoned on to using my shop vac to control dust from
inside renovations some time ago. It makes a huge
difference and eliminates a lot of cleanup time and makes
the work go faster since one is not constantly running
outside to cut or shape stock. The one wrinkle in this
otherwise good solution is that even a big shop vac fills up
in no time and the filter gets clogged easily. In a pro wood
shop, the dust is collected by a central vac and larger
particles are separated out by a specialized cyclonic
separator. These are big and expensive systems and are
impractical for use in the home. On a whim a few days ago
I went looking for a solution on the internets. I found these
at Lee Valley tools, I have not tried one yet, but will be
definitely ordering one soon. I have had great luck with the
vac/tool switch I purchased from them earlier, and have
had good experiences with their products before. If you
are in need of any oddball woodworking tools, give them a
shot, they have practically everything.

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