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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Other Interesting Sawhorse Designs

Here are a couple of other neat sawhorse designs I happened upon that seemed like contenders

A Three Legged Sawhorse.

From what I gather, sawhorses with three legs were at one time quite popular, no doubt for the same reason three legged stools are, that being stability on uneven ground. While I could not find detailed plans for this one, it's pretty self evident how it hangs together. Check out the site for different views and some of the unique ways this unit can hold stock. Being tall, I would want it to be much higher which would probably require increasing the leg's splay for stability.

A Classic Sawhorse from Fine Woodworking

This is a nice elegant design which has detailed
CAD plans available free online. A bit fancy for
everyday use, but a very nice design non the less


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