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Thursday, April 9, 2009

C. Crane Co. CCRadio

Another essential OTG item

Shortly following luxurious shelter, light, heat and a tub in Maslow's hierarchy of OTG needs is a good battery powered radio. You may be tempted to rely on a cheap K-Mart transistor Shower Radio, Hello Kitty radio or some other abomination, but I can assure you NOTHING sucks as much as trying to tune in a Red Sox pennant game in the fall, under a brilliant star lit sky, and having it fade in and out. There you are, you've got your campfire on, your drink on, the cicada's are singing and Don Orsillo is fading in and out in a battle with a mariachi station. Ninth inning, men on first and third, winning run at the plate, 2 outs, full count......AGHHHH. Well, do yourself a favor and get a good quality AM Radio, yes the price is usurious, but it's worth every penny. The CC Radio was developed by a company who's core business is bringing AM radio reception to Militiamen, Bush Pilots, Tree Standers and other hinterland dwellers.


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