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Thursday, April 9, 2009

BriteLyt Lanterns

Yet another OTG (Off the Grid) must have, the BriteLyt Petromax Style Lantern.  Maybe not for the Snorkel Tub, but you're gonna need some light in your Yurt, TeePee, Cabin, Tent, Airstream or Bunker.  Purportedly the brightest lantern in the world, the BriteLyt is solid brass and multifuel (capable of burning Diesel, Gas, Kero, Veg Oil etc).  Manufactured and supported in the United States, the Britelyt is apparently the lantern of choice for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.  Although it is also available in polished brass or chrome (left), I personally like the utilitarian flat grey of the military model below, lanterns aren't intended to be fancy.    Link www.britelyt.com

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  1. Best lanterns in the world. Period, used one in South America, worked excellent even with dirty kerosene, incredible tough . Petromax are the choice down there, Coleman can't compete in reliability.