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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swift Wind Turbine - Cascade Engineering

Continuing the Unofficial "Off Grid" Theme of the Week 

Originally Developed in Scotland by Renewable Devices the Swift Turbine is also being manufactured and Sold in the U.S. by Cascade Engineering.  Unlike most wind turbines, the Swift was engineered for roof top installation from the beginning and is intended to satisfy residential zoning ordinances.  To reduce objectionable noise in the neighborhood, the turbine uses a small diameter (7 feet), 5 blade ringed rotor (the ring is designed to help disrupt blade tip vortexes, a major source of noise).   To cut down on  noise within the house it it features special vibration damping roof mounts and because it's not mounted on a huge pole, you don't have to worry about it blowing over and landing on your neighbors house.  The Swift is rated for 1.5kw in a 31mph wind and Cascade claims that noise at any speed never exceeds 31db.  Cascade's web site has a neat little program that can help you determine if a wind turbine makes sense in your area.

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