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Thursday, May 14, 2009

1980's Mini 4X4 Pickup Truck Fad - Paging Marty McFly

In the early 1980's, gas prices, the Truckin' fad and Monster Truck phenomenon gave birth to the jacked up mini truck craze. For a time it seemed like every cool kid had one of these, just like Marty McFly. Sure there were jacked up full size pickups, but the mini pickup was the new cool. FWIW: Marty's truck pictured above is a fairly mild version, many of these trucks were jacked WAY, WAY, WAY up and sported monster Dick Cepek tires. The K.C. Daylighter lights mounted on the roll bar were de rigeur, though Marty's would have been cooler if it sported the KC Smiley Face covers. Eventually (because too much is never enough) things got so out of hand that various agencies started putting limits on the height of the bumper to limit the damage one of these would do to cars. You have to remember the Ford Pinto was still fresh in the memory of most people and without airbags the small cars of the day were literally death traps. Maybe with the death of the SUV craze, mini trucks will experience a revival- Just in time for Marty's mid life crisis.


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