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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Isuzu Trooper II 4x4

When we finally sold our VW Vanagon, we bought a used 1990 Isuzu Trooper. Ours was a
Green 4-door with a 4 Cyl motor and stick shift, about as basic and simple as they come. While
the Trooper did have it's faults, reliability was not one of them, it was basically bomb proof.
In many ways the Trooper was a throwback to the early days of Japanese trucks, it's tiny
motor, flimsy bodywork and spartan interior were thoroughly outdated by the 1990's. But
like those early Japanese trucks, the Trooper was blessed with extremely rugged and
simple underpinnings. All in all it was a great truck and one of the last of the true S.U.V's
before the bloated luxo-barges and poser mobiles of the late 1990's and early 00's
(Hummer H2 are you listening)

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  1. I have owned a '89 Trooper XS 4x4 for about a year with currently 211,xxx miles. I have taken it through mud,heavy water, beachsand , and across rocks every now and then and this truck hasn't let me down through anything.Maintaining the parts any car off the lot would require many parts to be taken off for a simple change(spark plugs or minor changes)while these troopers are not clouded with electronics. These trucks (86-90) are as simple as they got and very easy to learn.