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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Dennis Drive-In

Unfortunately it's now long gone, but I have some extremely fond memories of the Dennis Drive-In.  In the early summer, the sun goes down late on the Cape, real late, 9-9:30 late, so a trip to the drive in when we were little almost always involved jammies and sleeping bags.  When we had a wagon or truck, we would park facing backwards and open the tailgate.  The three of us kids would lie down facing out the back with our pillows on the tailgate.  Since the speaker (pictured right) was invariably shitty and hung on one of the front windows, there was considerable debate among us siblings as to what exactly was being said at any one time.  This was how I experienced both Jaws and Star Wars, the two seminal movies of my childhood.  Needless to say Jaws scared the living crap out of me, to the point where I couldn't go in the water for like a year, I shit you not.  Star Wars on the other hand topped up an imagination originally filled with Star Trek and Forbidden Planet.  In high school I also saw The World According to Garp while parked with a girlfriend in an adjacent development's cul-de-sac.  By that time (~1982) the speakers had been replaced with a system that broadcast radio over FM.  One of the things I remember most is the peculiar experience of climbing out of your cozy sleeping bag, putting your sneakers on and walking to the snack bar to get some popcorn or go to the pot (most likely the pot as I am pretty sure we brought our own refreshments), it's a weird feeling walking around in what is essentially a huge dark parking lot in your pajamas trying to watch the screen and where you are going at the same time, stopping from time to time as something exciting happened in the movie.  Finding your way back was a bitch, in the dark cars look remarkably alike and it was easy to get turned around, especially when you were focused on the movie.  I hope we can find a drive-in this summer, our Van has a bed in the back and rear facing seats, it is the ultimate drive-in mobile

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  1. May I take you to task and argue that the photo shown above is NOT that of the Dennis Drive in? Perhaps this is a place holder but the Dennis drive in had a huge screen made out of cinder blocks. (I was there when they took it down) and behind it was hokum rock road, not oak trees. That being said I am in search of other photos of this forgotten spot if you have any..