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Friday, January 8, 2010

Vintage AV Geek -1970's Newcomb Classroom Record Player

Remember these?  I do, and I wasn't even in AV Club.  What I remember most about them is they had these springy feet, which caused the whole thing to jiggle whenever the teacher messed with it.  These things were about as portable as the first Compaq portable computer , but they could get seriously loud - to the point of filling an elementary school auditorium.  "Ecoutez, Repetez Aprez Moi" indeed.  I would love to get one of these with a film strip projector.....Beep !

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  1. did u know these had car speakers in them? yep 6x9's ..an they rocked the house too :) when i was a growin up, got 1 from an a yard sale an was curious to see wha the speaker was an did dome research an certain companies had their factories install some pretty ones that woirth more than the record players themself's..pretty weird huh?